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Fashion21 Cosmetics Product Review

Reacquainted with local beauty brand Fashion21 over the weekend.

Two-Way Cake Foundation with Papaya Extract

✅ This is not the cake foundation that traumatized our highschool proms and graduation photos! Applied wet or dry, the formula remains lightweight and provides great coverage. Despite its name, it was not dry or cakey at all throughout the whole process + a 30 min shoot in the sun and all the way til dinner.

✅ Perfect for anyone who loves matte finish foundations and don’t want the hassle of doing a liquid based and setting it with powder. It saves time, money and effort too.

〰️ Shade range is a bit limited with only 3 shades, and the darkest shade isn’t dark enough for deeper morena skin tones.

Powder Lip Matte

✅ Love love love everything about this product. It’s very creamy during application so it doesn’t patch up over even a powder-finish base, and sets matte.

✅ Great shade range — they have reds, berries, pinks, browns and mauves.

✅ Great tinted eyeshadow base, you don’t even need to set it if you’re not going to sweat or have oily eyelids. It settles into the skin really well, looks very natural and effortless

Eyeshadow Travel Set

✅ Set 1 has more classic nude shades that lean toward the cool tones, very reminiscent of the Urban Decay Naked 2. Set 2 has pops of color and warm shades of brown that are very trendy right now.

✅ Shimmers are great, very shiny with great texture — no chunky glitters. Shimmer was fine enough to be used as a face highlighter.

〰️ Matte shadows vary in pigmentation — the light ones aren’t as opaque as the dark shades, which can easily be fixed by a little spritz of water.

Double Up Mascara

✅ Definitely get the hype — it’s lengthening and volumizing without clumping. The plastic bristle wand makes it easy to comb the lashes in place. This would work really great when combining real and false lashes as well.

Brow Perfect

✅ Brow pomades made more affordable and accessible! Love everything about this product, from the packaging, formula and quantity.

✅ You get just enough product that you won’t worry about not finishing it up before it goes hard and dry.

✅ The brush is thin and dense enough to naturally fill in brows.

✅ I really love how it’s packaged — the brush is attached so you’ll never have to bring one, and the cap ensures that when you put it back in your makeup bag, it’s kept away from dust and dirtying your other products. The screw top end with the gel is wide enough in case you want to use a different brush.

✅ Great color selection — 1 warm, 1 cool and 1 dark. That’s all you need, really.


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