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If you've known me long enough, then you'd know that I've had a blog since 2011. It's only been 7 years since its innocent birth, but the blogging landscape has evolved so much that it isn't by any modern standard a "blog." It was an online space wherein I would chronicle my journey as a student in a makeup school. I updated it religiously and honestly, as though I was writing in my diary. When makeup school ended, I tried to keep it up by writing about beauty through reviews and updates on my journey as a very young makeup artist. The content wasn't very good; I was simply not equipped with the product knowledge and experience with makeup to make any such conclusions about the makeup I was attempting to review, and my writing was simply sub-par. I tried to revive it numerous times, but I was always too caught up with a lot of other things to fully commit to a running a blog like real bloggers do professionally. I concede - I'm just not blogger-material.

And that's okay. I'm a full-time makeup artist with a frustrated writing background brought about by many years of writing papers and a few journalism classes in college. Three years into the job, I think it's safe for me to be imparting my knowledge and informed opinions to the rest of the world. Also, I really needed to legitimize myself with a website to house my portfolio and thought it would be a fun thing to incorporate a blog. I can only promise to try to update this as often as I can. Full disclosure: I don't read or follow blogs, so I don't know how these things go. I only write from whatever's in my mind. If there's anything you want me to share specifically (maybe my favorite foundation, etc), just let me know. I always check my IG DMs and my email is open for whoever wants to reach me - for help or for work.

So, hi!

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